what the future holds for office furniture

What The Future Holds for Office Furniture


Many business owners and office designers/space planners consider how an office space may look in the future. Office furniture manufacturers are always pushing the limits and creating new types of office furniture to solve different problems and needs from practicality, design, and well-being. Any functional office space must provide the basics of desks, chairs, storage, and other furniture for specific tasks staff may rely on or need to perform their responsibilities effectively.

We’re going to take a look at some of the innovations in office furniture for the workplace and what one could expect in the years to come.


As the health concerns of setting too long become more apparent and technology is becoming more advanced, furniture manufacturers are integrating tech and furniture more and more. Sit-stand desks are becoming more popular and more variations are being created to resolve some of these concerns. But what if a desk raises and lowers automatically?

As other manufacturers are working on their versions of smart office furniture, in 2017, Herman Miller introduced their Live OS. The Herman Miller sit-to-stand deck has been considered by some as the Fitbit of office furniture.

As decks and chairs become smarter and integrate into the lives and needs of those who use them, we’re only scratching the surface of how “smart” furniture is and will become.


In every case, office furniture design and space planners are limited to what is available in the marketplace, but our creativity is unlimited. Imagine if the furniture selections were also unlimited! Although 3D printed furniture is in its infancy phase, companies like Rapid Liquid Printing, as Forbes has pointed out, is striving to make this technology more available very soon.

Many companies are already using 3D printers to help develop their prototypes in less time, but soon many manufacturers will have scores of printers in their production facilities.

Different offices have different needs and different staff members have different needs. What if you can design your own furniture that meets your specific needs? And what if you didn’t have to wait months and spend a significant amount of money to have furniture customized? With 3D printers, you could have your custom office furniture completed in no-time at a lower cost.

The future of furniture design also go further than its practicality, the furniture can also be created for individual people – the sizes, heights and shapes to meet the individual needs of each user.

Furthermore, 3D printed furniture extends into more than just corporate office furniture, but also education furniture, hospitality furniture, healthcare furniture, and much more. That future is quickly approaching.


Between the technologies that can be integrated into furniture and the ability to print furniture, the future looks very exciting and we can’t wait to introduce more of these possibilities to our customers. As furniture advances, so does Fineline Furniture to meet the needs of our customers.

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