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Office Furniture Rentals vs Buying New

Is it better to buy or rent furniture for your office?

Many customers ask the question when looking for new office furniture if it makes sense to rent or to buy. We’re going to dive into some ideas to consider as you’re deciding on what direction is best for your company. This post applies to all types of office furniture, office chairs, workstations, desks, cabinets, etc.

Choosing whether to own or rent office furniture can be more than a simple math question. The look and functionality of your workstation, chairs, reception, conference room can tell a customer about your brand. Choosing furniture like office cubicles isn’t just about making a visual statement, it’s also about deciding on what works best for all employees. Here are some thoughts on buying new furniture or selecting office furniture rentals to help you decide which is the best option for your company.

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The decision of office furniture rentals can appeal to many organizations for several reasons. Reviewing certain criteria should be considered when choosing to rent office furniture or to buy new, for instance:

Owning Furniture: It’s understandable the pleasure and pride of saying that you own “xyz”. It can make one feel more established, empowered, and encouraged the business is moving up in the world. But, does it make financial sense to buy or rent? Sometimes it makes more sense to buy and not rent. That’s for the business owners to decide.

Flexibility & Customization: In many cases, there is less flexibility in color or materials or accessories. While leasing the styles and type you need, there may not be as broad of a selection for color schemes and materials available. Therefore, getting exactly what you want may not be possible and you would have to settle for what is available. But at Fineline, we will review with you all the options and do our very best to ensure you’re getting the finest pieces for your needs and wants.

Budgeting and Tax-deductibility: Purchasing new equipment, supplies and needs for the office is often tax-deductible, make sure to consult with a tax advisor. Speaking with an advisor can help you decide on what makes the best financial sense for your business. It’s a common miscalculation that renting cubicles or other office furniture is less expensive than purchasing new. Although the convenience of renting can also be more cost-effective for some companies or in short term scenarios. A business’s cash flow and other liabilities need to be factored into your decision before choosing office furniture rentals or buying.


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