First Impressions: Office Reception Furniture Design

Creating A Good Impression with Office Furniture

Whatever field of business you are in from medical, education, large office or small office, first impressions are important. When clients come to your location, the design of your office sets an impression. Also, chances are then clients come to your location, you may have them wait in a reception area. You want your office to show your professionalism, cleanliness and respect for their comfort – after all, they are a guest in your home away from home.

If you’re looking for a makeover for your waiting room with up-to-date seating and reception tables, consider Fineline Furniture for you reception area furniture and design.

Office Reception Desks

The receptions desk is an important part of your client’s first impression.  If your reception area has 4” thick glass between the waiting area and your receptionist, that’s going to leave an impression. If your reception area has broken furniture that looks like it’s from 1975, that’s going to leave an impression. If your receptionist has a beautiful, sleek and modern look with comfortable chairs that are also going to leave an impression. It’s up to you what kind of impression you want to leave.

If you feel your reception area does not give a good impression of your professionalism, cleanliness and respect, let Fineline Furniture help you with your redesign. We have a great selection of reception desks and design team with furniture ideas to give your clients the impression that you want.

Doctor office waiting room

Doctor’s office furniture tends to be functional more than esthetic – a few chairs, a couple magazines, and a clipboard with names of patients signing in. Consider what impression you’re trying to convey to your patients when the first walk in.

In addition to design, Fineline can also help with furniture environmentally friendly furniture as well as anti-microbial options where germ protection is essential.

If you’re looking to improve the furniture and design of your doctor office or any type of healthcare seating consider contacting us at Fineline Furniture. Our group of professional designers and large selection of office furniture for all areas of your medical office can help bring your needs to a reality.

Reception Furniture for High End Office

When entering the office of an attorney, a real estate firm, a technology company, a finance office, a corporate executives office or any other high end office space, you expect to find furniture that impresses the guests. Guests expect comfortable, quality furniture that reflects the style and professionalism of the company. Whether you have traditional, modern, or contemporary taste, Fineline Furniture can help bring that style in your office space design.
Our team of design professionals and large selection of quality office furniture can help.  We have endless options for all areas of your office; the reception deck to work stations to desk guest chairs, executive desks and filing solutions for your documents.

Fineline can even help with your home office furniture needs for those days when you’d like to work from home.

To get started on your furniture project, give us a call at (317) 802-2200.

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