Does Your Office Attract and Retain Talent

Does Your Office Attract and Retain Talent?

By Andrea Broxton, NCIDQ

Young professionals are increasing rebelling against cookie-cutter design and cost-cutting measures in the workplace according to the latest annual Millennial study.

Companies may want to focus more on workplace culture, comfort, and purposeful design to enhance their bottom lines. Why? Both can have an enormous impact on engendering loyalty, propelling innovation and boosting the performance of employees.

Competition for talent has never been fiercer. Forty-three percent of Millennials plan to leave their current position within two years. That figure increases to 61 percent for Gen Z. Loyalty must be earned, and many young professionals are prepared to move for a better work experience. By creating a comfortable and engaging work environment offering flexibility and choices of how people work, engagement and trust can increase. Profit can increase with these desired cultural changes.

Make your workspace a destination

Work should never feel like a chore. Keep your staff engaged by providing a workplace that is a destination.  It should be a place the staff is eager to come to, not somewhere that they have to be. This can be achieved by providing facilities that support their both their personal and professional lives.  Start with great connectivity, ergonomic furnishings, and an engaging environment.

Add perks

Create an office design that will appeal to everyone; an inviting coffee and kitchen area, a choice of different workspaces and adequate natural light. Use sofas and tables rather than tradition conference rooms if that supports your culture. Add convertible Ping-Pong tables that can double as maker boards and conference tables to create a playful atmosphere to foster creativity.

Everyone is competing for the best talent so businesses should be doing everything they can to attract and retain the best people by creating desirable spaces where people want to be and environments where individuals can thrive. You can use your office culture to help to attract and retain the very best talent from your industry.

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