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Creating a Better School Library

Creating a Better School Library

Making A School Library Better For Students

The school library, one of the stables of any school, filled with information, technology and ideas is undeniably one of the most important rooms. As a key resource for students to utilize, the library should be an inviting and comfortable space to encourage and attract students. Designing the school library with areas for study, creativity, collaboration and using the right school library furniture plays an essential role in the student’s experience.


All would agree that the main part of any library is the bookshelves or cases. Manufacturers have come a long way from building boring shelving units to creating beautiful cutting-edge designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you work with our team at Fineline Furniture, we can help to incorporate a variety of types of library bookshelves or cases into your school library design. Whether your needs are straight or curved, stationary or mobile, we can help you develop the right atmosphere.


The next important feature in any library is the type of seating options available. As you go through designing the right environments considering the various types of seating options needed. Types of seating to consider could be group seating, private nooks, lounge seating, ottomans, and more. Placed and organized correctly, utilizing different types and styles of seating can encourage quiet focus or enhance collaboration spaces. Our space planning team at Fineline can help with any environment you’re trying to create in the school library.


Since the dawn of computers, school libraries have included computer labs or workstations in their designs. But as technology changes so do the varieties of workstations that can be incorporated in school library space planning. When creating a computer lab area or a collaborative space with tables, desks bench seating or stools, Fineline has numerous options for your needs. We want your students to have plenty of room to work, read or write while standing or sitting that is functional and appealing.

Designing the Perfect School Library

As one of the premier school furniture and space planning companies in Indianapolis, consider the team at Fineline Furniture for your library furniture needs. We can help you create a better school library that meets your needs. With will take you through everything from planning to design and installation. For more information on how Fineline Furniture can help, give us a call at (317) 802-2200.