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A Financial Company’s New Building Project is a Great and Functional Success!

August 8th, 2014 by Lindsay Cross


A local financial company we have worked with on several prior projects was opening a new office.  Fineline Furniture was able to team up with local interior designer, Michele Boggs, to create a very inviting and functional space.  We were able to use National Exhibit’s wall rail solution to hang all components. Exhibit turns walls into vertical workspaces for personal organization and open collaboration through sensible treatments that offer a practical flair.  Exhibit removes barriers and transforms the walls into purposeful design elements offering a variety of solutions for all workplace, collaborative and social environments. Exhibit’s efficient use of wall space and various inserts, such as slat walls and work tools, marker boards and tack boards, serve as an organizational coach, brainstormer or an impromptu art gallery. Exhibit lets the walls do the “heavy lifting” creating a lighter, airier aesthetic while providing easy access to electrical and data.


greg office 3

kim office


preparer office

greg chairs 2  kim chairs orange up close


Project Details

Industry: Financial Company

Application: Reception and Private Office

Products:  National Exhibit, National Waveworks, National Davari, National Mix-It, OFGO Parker Series Lounge, Momentum Textiles

Acknowledgements: Photography by: Chris Cheever Photography