Choosing Office Reception Furniture

Office Reception Furniture – What’s Right For You?

We all have waited in an office reception room, some comfortable, some modern and some very uncomfortable. The office reception furniture can make someone feel welcome, promote a positive image of the business or the reverse. No one enjoys waiting, but if they must wait, they may as well be comfortable.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for office reception furniture:

  • Design (color & material)
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Practicality
  • Storage

Office Reception Furniture Designs

There is no shortage of colors, styles, fabrics, size, classy or modern designs when it comes to reception furniture. When planning your office reception space, there are many directions you can go depending on which impression you wish to give your guests.

The size of your reception area makes little difference when creating an environment which makes your guests feel at ease. Office reception chairs with wood designs are a good option especially when fabric colors and designs are virtually unlimited. Chairs that can be stacked when needed can also be useful when you need a little extra space.

Comfortable Reception Furniture

Whether your furniture is simple, modern, classy or vintage no one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Whether you choose wood frame chairs, loveseats or couches, putting some thought into the comfort the reception furniture provides is important. Luckily, there are a number of options you can choose from to ensure your guests sit comfortably – no matter how long the wait.

Durable Reception Furniture

Guests can come in all shapes and sizes. Ensuring your office reception furniture can not only handle your small and petite guests but also you big and tall guests. Also, reception furniture can go through a great deal of abuse over time, so looking at the durability of your furniture should be an important factor in your decision.

When it comes to coffee tables and end tables in your reception area, consider how easy it is to clean as well as their durability. If your table tops are glass or wood tops, some guests may want to put their feet on them or set their coffee down which could leave stains. So when choosing additional furniture other than reception chairs, taking durability into account could save you some headaches down the road.

Office Reception Desks

When a guest walks into a receptions area, often the first thing they look for and notice is the reception desk. Looking for a reception desk that looks welcoming and makes speaking with the receptionist easy should be considered. The reception desk should be practical with enough space for your receptionist to work comfortably and efficiently but tells your guest your workplace is organized and effective at what you do.

Reception Area Storage

Every receptions area should be organized and maintaining files, literature, and other necessary equipment. When designing your reception space utilizing other creative options for storage is a possibility; you don’t have to rely on metal filing cabinets. At Fineline, we have plenty of options to help with your storage needs in your reception area.

Hiring An Office Space Planner

Utilizing the professional opinion and skills of a professional design and space planning team can open up ideas and options you may not have considered or realized were available. Our office space planning and design team have access to the latest designs, trends, and types of furniture to address all your office design needs.

Our space planners will address Design, Comfort, Durability, Practicality, and your Storage needs while helping to maintain your designated budget. If needed, we also have office furniture leasing available.

If you are looking for an office furniture planning or someone to help with your corporate office furniture needs in Indianapolis or surrounding areas, consider Fineline Furniture!

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