Office Furniture Rentals vs Buying New

Is it better to buy or rent furniture for your office? Many customers ask the question when looking for new office furniture if it makes sense to rent or to buy. We’re going to dive into some ideas to consider as you’re deciding on what direction is best for your company. This post applies to […]

4 Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks have become more and more popular over the years and when shopping for a new office desk, many have considered standing desks as an option. The popularity can be due to the perceived benefits and versatility than can offer. Some of those benefits may include: Productivity Do you find it yourself stir-crazy while […]

Does Your Office Attract and Retain Talent?

By Andrea Broxton, NCIDQ Young professionals are increasing rebelling against cookie-cutter design and cost-cutting measures in the workplace according to the latest annual Millennial study. Companies may want to focus more on workplace culture, comfort, and purposeful design to enhance their bottom lines. Why? Both can have an enormous impact on engendering loyalty, propelling innovation and […]

What The Future Holds for Office Furniture

RECENT FURNITURE INNOVATIONS FOR THE OFFICE Many business owners and office designers/space planners consider how an office space may look in the future. Office furniture manufacturers are always pushing the limits and creating new types of office furniture to solve different problems and needs from practicality, design, and well-being. Any functional office space must provide […]

New Office Furniture Items

New Office Furniture, Hospitality Furniture, Education Furniture At Fineline, we are always looking for the best and newest designs to help our customers with their furniture needs. Here are some great designs and items new to Fineline Furniture! Why build walls? These partitions provide a beautiful way to divide space.     We have new […]

Choosing Office Reception Furniture

Office Reception Furniture – What’s Right For You? We all have waited in an office reception room, some comfortable, some modern and some very uncomfortable. The office reception furniture can make someone feel welcome, promote a positive image of the business or the reverse. No one enjoys waiting, but if they must wait, they may […]

Choosing Sunday School Furniture

A Few Things To Consider When Choosing Sunday School Furniture The most important days of the week for Christians are times of worship, learning and reflecting at their local congregation. It’s a day of importance to their faith and many church congregations want an environment that is comfortable, inviting and warm. Putting some thought into […]

Choosing Hotel Hospitality Furniture

A priority of most hotels is to ensure a comfortable stay for their guests and the choice of the best hospitality furniture can be a big undertaking. It’s not only the comfort of the lobby furniture, hotel room beds or couches but a style and design that matches the vision of the hotel. As the […]

First Impressions: Office Reception Furniture Design

Creating A Good Impression with Office Furniture Whatever field of business you are in from medical, education, large office or small office, first impressions are important. When clients come to your location, the design of your office sets an impression. Also, chances are then clients come to your location, you may have them wait in […]

Sound Masking

What is sound masking? Sound masking is the technology we use to achieve speech privacy for a specific area that is plagued by distraction and discomfort.  This is done by adding neutral noise to the background so as to render the distracting noise powerless. What are the benefits of sound masking? Now it’s time to […]