We at Fineline proudly provide our customers with an ever-expanding portfolio of top of the line furniture brands for your commercial furnishing needs. Whether you’re seeking contemporary lounge items for your trendy hotel, or are in need of sleek executive furniture for your company office, our brands have something ideal for every business.


After 40 years, Trendway is still a leading manufacturer in the commercial furniture industry. By providing diversely styled, top-quality furniture for offices, Trendway is able to cater to businesses of all types. Trendway has adopted the BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability standard and level certification program, thus guaranteeing that all items in their office furniture catalog are not only tastefully designed, but sustainably created. This veteran-owned company is one that holds itself to the highest standards of providing customers with quality they can depend on.


National Office Furniture leads the way in manufacturing sustainable goods and developing greener production methods. By giving customers the choice of FSC certified wood for their furnishings, National wood office furniture is eco-friendly. National is expanding their use of rapidly renewing resources such as bamboo, which enables it to produce more furniture for government, hospital, and office facilities without harming the environment.

Dar Ran

Dar Ran is an environmentally conscious manufacturer that specializes in producing high quality, eco-friendly and affordable furniture. With an expansive catalog full of innovative, modern, and traditional designs, Dar Ran furniture enables you to design an office full of stylish and functional workstations. Obtain the look of luxury for your office with a clear conscience and only high end expense.

Three H

Three H Office Furniture is widely known for its attractively modern, minimalistic designs. By focusing on simplicity and functionality, Three H furniture is perfect for creating a clutter-free work environment. With spacious cubicles, stylish conference tables and impressive executive desks, Three H office furniture is a premium choice for contemporary laminate furnishings.


As a Rainforest Alliance Certified manufacturer, Krug furniture is leading the way in both design and sustainability in office furniture. Krug’s minimalistic and clean designs make it an ideal provider of healthcare furniture and contemporary case goods. Its expansive selections of conference tables, comfortable chairs and other items give Krug a reputation of affordable luxury.

Jasper Desk

The Jasper Desk Company is dedicated to quality, which is why each of their case goods is built to last a lifetime. Careful old world craftsmanship is what makes each piece top of the line. Jasper is here to provide you with premium case goods with contemporary, transitional, and traditional options.


Part of the Jasper Group of fine furnishing brands, JSI is dedicated to providing top of the line furniture for business interiors. By providing simplistic yet supremely stylish case goods furniture, occasional tables and office seating, JSI has become a leading name in the market. Ask for JSI when you need high quality furniture to create a refreshing, work-ready atmosphere.


Another member of the prestigious Jasper Group, Community provides fun and contemporary designs for public settings. Whether you’re looking for furniture for colleges, doctor’s offices, hospitals or more, Community furniture can provide pleasing solutions. Community furniture can even be found in the most immaculately styled town halls and government buildings.


Featured in interior design and renovation shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Hon has made a name for itself as a charitable, caring brand with some of the most stylish and organizationally efficient furniture on the market. By specializing in furnishing government, educational, and business facilities, Hon has refined its designs to directly meet working needs while creating a pleasant office atmosphere.

Raynor Contract

Founded in 1979, the Raynor Group furniture company has been providing top quality office seating to countless businesses for over thirty years. By paying careful attention to ergonomics and the cost-efficiency of materials used, Raynor keeps its customers and furniture users in mind throughout their entire manufacturing process. Trust Raynor for premium seating options for your office renovation or upgrade.

Elio Lighting

Since 1998, Elio Lighting has been revolutionizing energy use and lighting in facilities everywhere. Whether by providing enhancing, sustainable lighting for commercial displays to increase sales, or installing cool, energy efficient lamps and bulbs in buildings of all types, Elio saves and even makes money for its customers. Rely on Elio Lighting’s LED technology to renew your office’s setting and budget.


Whether you’re seeking premium furnishings for your home, office, health care facility or other establishment, Humanscale has got you covered. With products hailed for their smart, ergonomic designs and sustainability, Humanscale ergonomic products are quickly becoming the top choice for businesses everywhere. Ask about Humanscale’s affordable solutions for your renovation project.

Clarus Glassboards

As a leading manufacturer of glass whiteboards and other glass display products, Clarus is one of the best suppliers for all of your visual display needs. With sleek products that blend in seamlessly with your office decor and furnishings, Clarus Glassboards provide workers with clear space for creative and innovative thinking. Don’t neglect your work planning when thinking about your office redesign. Incorporate Clarus Glassboards and watch ideas come to life.


Founded in 1939, the Mayline brand has spent over 70 years evolving from a quality drafting table manufacturer into one of the best workstation furnishings suppliers in the country. With furniture that boasts comfortable, ergonomic design and versatility, Mayline is a trusted name in office furnishings. By dedicating itself to its “Kwik-ship” policy, Mayline always goes the extra mile for its customers.

Cabot Wrenn

Founded in 1981, Cabot Wrenn is a renowned producer of fine furniture for hospitality, healthcare and contract. Specializing in stylish, comfortable seating, Cabot Wrenn is a top provider of high end seating for lounges, offices and more. With their focus now turned to healthcare furnishings, Cabot Wrenn furniture is the perfect choice for creating an inviting environment for your healthcare facility.


By working with some of the top companies in America, Cherryman furnishings has become one of the most widely respected furniture distributers in the nation. With its sleek, sensible designs and 48 hour delivery policy, it is no wonder that businesses everywhere go to Cherryman when budget is a driving factor.

La-Z-Boy Contract

La-Z-Boy Contract began as a new division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated in 1971 to meet the market’s need for a comfortable, reclining office chair. The popularity of that product led La-Z-Boy to expand its catalog, providing a wide array of top quality office seating options. La-Z-Boy Contract even provides health care facilities with recliners for dialysis, ICU use, bariatrics and more.

MTS Seating

MTS Seating is proud to have over 50 years of experience providing businesses with the best commercial furnishings on the hospitality market. By consistently collaborating with world-renowned furniture designers, MTS furnishings are always fresh, innovative and stylish. Take a look at MTS’s impeccable catalog of restaurant, club, and hotel seating options if you’re looking to bring new life into your business.

Wieland Healthcare

Wieland Healthcare furniture leads the way in providing innovative furnishing options for medical facilities across the country. With products such as their ingenious SleepToo convertible sofas, Wieland furnishings provide comfort and ease for patients and their families alike. With options for bariatric care, waiting room seating and more, Wieland is a must-have brand for clinic and care furnishings.


Since its conception, Spec furniture has dedicated itself to providing customers with a wide array of options so that even their most unique needs can be met. Its ever-expanding catalog boasts hundreds of options for training, cafeteria, board room, lounge seating, furnishings for waiting areas and more. Whether you’re revamping your government facilities, renovating your office lobby or upgrading your clinic’s waiting room, Spec is the go-to brand.


Established in 1976, Nevins has long provided businesses and organizations with commercial furnishings that meet working needs while refreshing the space with sleek and innovative designs. Its modern and contemporary products include conference tables, public seating, and lounge accessories. Ask for Nevins if you seek to upgrade your workspace with minimalistic, fashion forward style.


Nevers Offices & Collaborative Spaces is a brand that commits itself to providing businesses and organizations with products that are luxurious and sustainable at an unbeatable value. By providing gorgeously designed furniture for reception, public speaking, conferences and more, Nevers has earned its reputation as a furniture supplier for the most high brow companies in the country.


Highmark’s greatest value comes from sticking to the philosophy behind its company slogan “Seating Made Simple”. With no-frills designs that are attractive and comfortable, Highmark makes the decision easy for any establishment looking to upgrade their office seating options. By paying close attention to ergonomics, Highmark is able to provide office chairs that improve employee productivity and work flow.