9 Tips for Organizing Your Office

9 Tips for Organizing Your Office

Here are 9 Little Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Organized

1. Everything Has A Place

Keeping clutter to a minimum seems basic and it is, but it is important for productivity. When things are kept in their designated places before and after use, it increases productivity from having to look for that item. If 5 minutes is spent looking for a stapler, that is 5 minutes that could have been used towards something else. A good practice/habit to get into is keeping your office supplies in designated spaces – it makes them easier to find when needed.

2. Use A File System

Similar to keeping your office supplies in their designated spots, keeping organized files is also important. We have all been in that office that is piled with completed paperwork from weeks ago and it gets mixed in with paperwork that needs to be completed. Keeping your paperwork piles under control is a big step in organizing your office. If you do not have a system, create a process for your paperwork. Following a rule of only keeping paperwork on your desk that needs to be done that day and all other paperwork in a different location is a good first step. Find what system works for you but utilizing and maintaining a file system is a good idea. If you need additional file cabinets or other storage solutions, Fineline Furniture can help.

3. Keep a Digital Copy When Possible

Cutting down on paper when possible can help decrease clutter. Some office teams utilize cloud-based tools that Google Drive or Microsoft 365 with One Drive offer.  The benefits of some of these cloud-based systems are they offer the ability to manage/view certain documents, notes, files from any location on multiple devices.

4. Prioritize Tasks

Cleaning up a few little tasks will help keep the bigger tasks more productive. For example, small items in your workspace that need to be placed in their designated spots should be done before doing larger tasks.  It helps keep clutter down, could decrease distractions, and allow you to be better productive. Prioritizing tasks, creating systems and sticking to it will help you stay on top of things.

5. Organize Email Inbox

Keeping your office space organized is more than making sure the tangible items are in their place, it also means keeping your digital items in their place as well.  Having an organized email inbox can go a long way when you need to access those items. Be sure to reply to urgent messages as soon as possible, create folders and subfolders appropriately and most importantly, delete emails that are not needed anymore.  Keeping unnecessary files will eat up your computer memory and could slow it down.

office is a mess6. Hire A Cleaning Service

It is always a good idea to keep things clean; purging unnecessary paperwork, old supplies, unneeded junk and taking out the trash. Cleaning the floors, bathrooms, windows, wiping down desks, cabinets, and tables to clean and kill germs is very important. Often times we are too busy to clean ourselves and hiring a service to help us with those tasks will certainly open up time for other important tasks.

7. Use A Daily Planner

Many have different ways of managing their schedules and to-do lists, but studies show that writing these things down increases the odds of remembering certain things and accomplishing them.  Using a daily planner can help you to organize your time and keep everything in one place. Planning every day before it begins and reviewing each day is important in staying on top of your busy schedule. Utilizing a daily planner will also help you block out certain times per day where you only work on certain tasks.

8. Set Small Goals

Why wait for a new year’s resolutions when you can set goals at any point. Too many set goals that seem too big to achieve, but if you use a daily planner and break-up that big goal into multiple small goals, you chip away at the big goal.

9. Plan Your Workspace

Adding some personal flair to your workspace will certainly help fuel more productivity but planning out the flow will help take it to the next level. Space Planning and organization of your filing systems, desk, cabinets, table, chairs, workstations, and workflow will not only help you with productivity but a well planned out office space will help the team too.  At Fineline Furniture, our Office Space Planning team has years of experience and access to all the latest office furniture and design trends. We can help your office get the best use and best workflow that makes sense for your business.

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