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4 Tips When Purchasing New Corporate Office Furniture

When purchasing new office furniture, it can provide a more updated look, a more functional feel and can give a certain impression of the company. Since most companies don’t change their furniture as often as Starbucks coffee shops, so it’s important to consider your current and future furniture needs when making your decision.

Deciding on new corporate office furniture can be a large task, but it does not have to be overwhelming. Our design team can help you with your space planning and help you stay within your budget. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to consider.

Available Space

Figure out how much furniture you will need and then decided if it will fit in the space available. If you decide that you may not have enough room, our team may have some options. Here are a few things to consider:

How many team members need individual work spaces, private offices, co-workspaces?

Do you need areas for group work or meetings?

Do you need storage space for files, books, office materials?

Get Team Member Input

Getting an understanding of the views and ideas of other team members is a great way to look at your furniture needs that could go overlooked.

Learn how much each team member will need to work. Learn their storage needs. Even things like storage of personal items like coats, purses, pictures or the secret candy drawer could be help shine some light on your needs.

Is privacy and important issue? Are office cubicles the solution or would group work areas be best?

Evaluating the ideas of your team can help with your decision making on which corporate furniture needs you need to consider.

Ergonomic Needs

Ergonomically designed office furniture has been shown to reduce stress and strain, reduce sick days, and improve morale and productivity for a company’s team.

Everything from ergonomic chairs, phones and foot rests should be something to consider when adding to your office furniture purchase order.

Furniture Quality

Since most companies will be using their new furniture for years to come, furniture quality is an important piece of the puzzle. Consider manufacture warranties and support when making your decision.

Purchasing new corporate office furniture can be a large chore. There are a lot of angles to consider as you design and build an environment that reflects the company image, workflow, functionality, available space and what you need and don’t need. Planning ahead will go a long way in making sure your purchase will work for years to come.

If you’re looking for some professional help, our office design and space planning team can take a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders. We have helped countless companies, churches, schools, government offices, hospitals and restaurants plan their furniture layouts.

For more information on how Fineline Furniture can help you, call us at (317) 802-2200.

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